Friday, November 23, 2012

Today's funny serials on TV-What message they give

It's very difficult now a days to watch a serial on TV with family. I like comedy and I preffer comedy serials. There are hardly any good quality comedy serials on the air.  On one of the channel which telecasts comedy, the serials are some what breather which can be watched along with family. But there are over acting and  the dialogues which can be predicted.  It's very difficult for me to sustain interest in them.

 But.. off late I am finding  one of the reality show where celebrities are staying together for certain period is most funny serial. Out of curiocity I saw one episode and that turned out to be hilarious. The celebrities are fighting over whether to buy coffee or papaya. But this also made me to relaize why TV is called Idiot box. The show is not serving any purpose to any one. On one side, on same Idiot box I watch news and breaking news where at drop of hat some issues are flashed and debates are on.
And after watching these distubing news, wondering when will all this end, I ended up switching on to this reality show. And I see... for the celebrities in that house, the world is so small. They are fighting for whether to buy coffee or Papaya. It was hilarious but sad reality that some well known names, established celebrities can get to such level where they fight for food.

Also, it's very unfortunate the women participants went thro' miserable phase when one of the male participant got too close to them in name of friendship. I don't know how these women tolerated his hugs and he getting very physical every time. My sympathies were with the one of the lady participant who wanted to move on in her life becasue of unhappy marriage. But she gets locked with same person. But on second thought ..well..she handled herself with more dignity.

What message this reality show is giving to the outside world. There are children out there with hunger. But these clebrities are fighting for their weekly food budget.  They fight on who will wash dishes, well..on top of it I was watching it.!

But one thing this show made me realize and look at current social issues seriously. I wish the celebries once they come out of this show will use their fame for betterment of society.


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